Tuesday – MD Handgun Qualification License Course (H.Q.L)

From: $120.00

HQL Training Class

Class Time is Tuesday 6 pm till 10 pm – Maryland State required 4 hours

Pay a deposit of $20.00 per person
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The Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013 the H.Q.L. is now required to purchase a new handgun in the state of Maryland. Chris will impart students with the knowledge derived from several years practical, real world experience.

Active or retired members of the United States Armed Forces or National Guard who possesses a valid military identification card are exempt from the H.Q.L. requirement.


Classroom Instruction: Basic Pistol Knowledge and Safe Firearms Handling Procedures
• Common Pistol Action Styles
• Revolver vs. Semi-Automatic
• Contributing Factors of Firearms Accidents
• Safe Firearm Handling Rules

Classroom Instruction: Ammunition Selection and Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
• Cartridge Elements
• Ignition Sequence
• Ammunition Selection
• Ammunition Storage
• Proper Shooting Fundamentals (grip, stance, trigger squeeze, sight, picture, and breathing)

Classroom Instruction: Maryland Firearms Laws & Pistol Selection Guidance

• Purchasing Procedures
• Constitution of Both Lawful and Unlawful Possession
• Safe and Legal Transportation of a Firearm
• Outlining of Carry Permit Qualifications and Training Requirements
• Contributing Factors in Purposeful Handgun Selection
• Correct Handgun Cleaning Procedures
• Proper Handgun Maintenance
• Short and Long Term Storage Procedures

Live Fire Iteration Detailing the Loading, Discharging, and Unloading of the Firearm
Presentation of the Course Completion Certificate and Outlining of the Remaining HQL Application Process (State Police Website)